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What’s the Scariest Part of Cheering for the Vikings? VT and P/PTSD Writers Weigh In

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What's the Scariest Part of Cheering for the Vikings? VT and P/PTSD Writers Weigh In

Oct 17, 2021; Charlotte, North Carolina, USA; Minnesota Vikings kicker Greg Joseph (1) misses a field goal to win the game in regulation at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Halloween is almost here, Vikings fans.

Soon, children will fill the streets dressed as their favorite monsters as they try to scrounge up as much candy as possible. On TV, there are spooky movies and show specials. Stores far and wide are selling their decorations to people looking to give their home a scarier look. I, for one, happen to enjoy the decorations.

The point that I’m trying to get at is that the anticipation for Halloween is in full force. What does that mean for the Vikings? Truthfully, very little. That didn’t stop me from reaching out to the writers from Vikings Territory and PurplePTSD to get their sense of what makes being a Vikings fan scary (an idea we pursued last year).

Indeed, I sent along this question to the writers: “I want to know what is the scariest part of cheering for the Minnesota Vikings?” Below, you’ll find the answers I received.

Dustin Baker

The scariest part of Vikings fandom is confirming fears you’ve already calculated in your brain. “He better not miss this chip-shot field goal to win the game.” And then he misses the chip-shot field goal to win the game.

Josh Frey

Every time a kicker steps on the field for either team. You always assume the other team will make every kick, but even the Vikings kicking an extra point has everyone on the edge of their seat.

Will Goodwin

My scariest thing: the PTSD that creeps up every game when it gets close down the wire. I’ve seen too many heart-breakers and it’s going to take a season of one-possession wins (so far so good) and playoff success to begin to heal that pain.

LeeAnn Lowman

Being a Vikings fan is a bit like wandering through a haunted house. You go because you love the thrill but always with a sense of dread that doom is lurking just around the corner. As you stumble around in the dark, you move from room to room – never knowing what you’ll find. One room might be a missed FG. Climb the steps and find the generally unexceptionable Kerry Collins picking us apart in a championship game. Go around a corner and find Brett Favre – on the verge of greatness – throwing an interception to cost us the title game. You never know what to expect but there’s always the fear that this won’t end well.

Cole Smith

The scariest part of being a Vikings fan is that no amount of success ever makes me feel “safe.” Favre’s magical season? Not good enough to keep us from losing in the Superdome. The Minneapolis Miracle? Not enough to avoid being embarrassed in front of Philly fans. Right now, as the wins keep mounting, I keep thinking, “Okay, when do we get humiliated? The wild card round or the NFC Championship?”

K. Joudry

Like other contributors for this Halloween piece, I experience my own fear and trepidation when it comes to the Vikings. I’ll admit that every time a kick occurs – whether from Minnesota’s or the opposition’s kicker – I get nervous. The expectation is that the Vikings will miss and the opposing team will nail their kick.

If we narrow things down to just this season, I’m developing some fear about our defense. Instead of a formidable group that routinely makes life difficult for the QB, we’ve seen a defense that makes opposing quarterbacks look proficient and poised, explosive and efficient. My hope is that I’ll be able to get over the fear, but seeing the defense begin to struggle feels a bit like running from Michael Myers: try as you might to get away, the boogeyman is always just a step behind.

From all of us here at PurplePTSD, we hope you have a wonderful Halloween, Vikings fans. Skol!

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